PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard)

PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard)

• PowerPC G3 microprocessor running at clock speeds of 333 or 400 MHz
• Backside L2 cache of up to 1 MB of fast static RAM
• Two standard SO-DIMM expansion slots for SDRAM modules and 64 MB minimum of SDRAM installed, expandable to 384 MB total
• Built-in hard drive of 4 or 6 GB
• 14.1-inch TFT display with XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels)
• Standard VGA video connector for external video monitor with XGA resolution, and S-video connector that supports PAL and NTSC video monitors• 8 MB of video SDRAM
• Built-in 2D and 3D graphics acceleration via video circuits
• Two hot-swappable expansion bays for two batteries or one battery and one CD-ROM drive, DVD-ROM drive, or other IDE or PCI device
• One CardBus slot that accepts one Type II CardBus card or PC Card
• Two USB ports for external keyboard, mouse, and other USB devices
• One SCSI port with HDI-30 connector
• Built-in Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector for 10BaseT and 100Base-TX operation
• Infrared link for up to 4 Mbit-per-second IrDA data transfer
• Built-in modem with 56 Kbps data rate• Built-in microphone and speakers as well as a line-level stereo input jack and a stereo headphone jack.
• Keyboard with embedded numeric keypad and inverted-T arrow keys. Some function keys control the display and speakers
• Trackpad with tap/double tap and drag featuresSystem Configurations At introduction in May 1999, two basic configurations of the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard) are available. With configure-to-order options, customers may customize their computers in a variety of ways.


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